Trips & Rates

Trips & Rates

Are you ready to bring your search to an end and book a charter you’ll have a blast on? Is there a dream catch that you’ve been dreaming of finally reeling in? Would you like to be accompanied by an experienced and knowledgable guide, who can help you improve your skills? We’ll assume that your answers were the same as those of thousands of visitors who come down to Key Largo to chase their angling dreams each year.

For all the reasons mentioned above, and some additional ones, you’re lucky to have come across Captain Ben Trainer of Leatherneck Backcountry Fishing. Welcoming anglers of all skill levels, he’ll provide you with all the tools and knowledge you need to have a fun and successful day on the water. Whether you want to feel the thrill of battling “The Silver King” or reel in one tasty grouper after the other, this charter has you covered.

Fish aboard a sleek, 18’ Action Craft skiff, restored as recently as 2017. Powered by a 115HP Suzuki outboard, the vessel is has a top cruising speed of 40 knots. The boat’s shallow draft, combined with its stable fishing platform and topped off with features such as a poling tower and a trolling motor make it ideally suited for the flats. You’ll be able to get to all the best spots, no matter how secluded and once the action starts, you’ll have everything you need right there!

Captain Ben will provide you with all the fishing tackle you could need, including top-notch Redbone, Shimano and Penn rods and reels. Upon request, he’ll also bring aboard fly fishing and snorkeling equipment at no extra cost. Also included in the price is your fishing license and live bait that will be caught either prior or at the beginning of the trip, depending on the availability. A cooler with ice and bottled water will also be on board, with plenty of additional room for any food or drinks you chose to bring.

Now, if you’re ready to start your Florida fishing adventure, grab your sunglasses and sunscreen and book a trip right away!

8 Hour Full Day Fishing

8 Hour Full Day Fishing

Allow yourself an entire day to experience the world class fishing opportunities that Key Largo, Key West, and the entire Florida Keys has to offer! Come fish the backcountry for tarpon, permit, bonefish, cobia and more. Or switch gears and fish for sailfish, tuna, wahoo, snapper and more. Offshore fishing can net blue marlin, white marlin, grouper, dolphin and and kingfish, and others. Call ahead and find out what is biting and what you can expect!

8-Hour Full Day Fishing Charter Pricing

  • Starting at 8:00 am
  • $700 for first person
  • + $50 for each additional person

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6 Hour 3/4 Day Fishing

6 Hour - 3/4 Day Fishing

Six hours of premium Florida Keys fishing excitement! Want to experience the best the Florida Keys has to offer? We keep up-to-date on where the fish are biting, where to find them and we will take you where the Florida fishing action is! Bring friends for a memorable day on the water experiencing world class Florida Fishing!

6-Hour 3/4 Day Fishing Charter Pricing

  • Starting at 8:00 am
  • $600 for first person
  • + $50 for each additional person

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4 Hour am/pm Fishing

Half Day - 4 Hour AM/PM Fishing

Ready for 4 hours of daytime or 4 hours of nighttime Florida Keys fishing! Let's Go! For those who want to get it done! We take you to where the fish are biting and get to the fun!  Come out and catch the world class fish they Keys provide.

4-Hour AM/PM Fishing Charter Pricing

  • Morning Trip (AM) Starts at 8:00 am
  • Afternoon Trip (pm) Starts at 12:30 pm
  • $450 for first person
  • + $50 for each additional person

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Florida Bay, Reef, & Everglades National Park

4-Hour Florida Bay, Reef, & Everglades National Park Eco Tours


Nearly 300 different species of fish are known to inhabit the freshwater marshes and marine coastline of Everglades National Park. Fishing remains one of the most popular activities in the park.


In Everglades National Park, more than 360 different species of birds have been sighted. Though there are many different ways to identify one group of birds from another, generally birds can be placed into one of three groups: wading birds, land birds, and birds of prey.Sixteen different species of wading birds live in the Everglades. All have long legs for wading into the water to catch their food.

The white Ibis is the most common wading bird found in the park. Unlike wading birds that prefer to eat fish, the ibis dines mostly on crayfish. This attractive white bird has a long, slender, curved beak that it uses to probe the mud in search of food. All of the birds of prey commonly found in the Florida Everglades are also found in other parts of the country. Some are even found on other continents. In fact, the most naturally widespread bird species is birds of prey commonly found in the the Everglades.


Many of the best-known Everglades residents fall within this fascinating class of animals. More than 50 distinct kinds of reptiles inhabit the park. These species range from the formidable American crocodile to the diminutive green anole.


More than 40 species of mammals inhabit Everglades National Park. Many species commonly associated with drier habitats of forest and fields have adapted to the semi-aquatic environment that constitutes much of the Everglades. It is not unusual to see white-tailed deer foraging for food in the sawgrass prairie, and bobcat can occasionally be seen foraging in the mangroves.

4-Hour Eco Tour Pricing

  • Pricing Goes Here
  • Pricing Goes Here

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