the FLORIDA Keys Boasts over 200 species of fish

Florida's Fish population ranges from migratory species passing thru to the hundreds of species that call these waters home. We have reefs and ship wrecks covered in brilliant bright colors of the spectrum, Backcountry shallow water flats with fish made for sight fishing, Gorgeous deep water Pelagics that love to feed on the surface, and sharp teeth man eating Sharks that will test even the heaviest gear to its limits. Just few of these local favorite species are listed below.




Grouper fishing Florida Keys is fantastic, and they're also an excellent eating fish. Many different varieties are found throughout the Florida Keys. These incredibly hard fighting fish can tip the scales at over 800lbs.




Florida Keys bonefish fishing is probably one of the most challenging of sports. Relatively small, these fish average between 2 and 14 pounds, but what they lack in size they make up for in raw muscle and excitement. 



DOLPHIN,mahi mahi, dorado


Florida Keys dolphin fishing is hugely popular and its easy to see why these beautiful are known for their aggressive surface takes and high flying aerobatics. The only thing better then how these fight is how they taste.   


Spotted Sea Trout

Catching a giant Sea Trout is a true accomplishment on the fly, while it's probably true that most fly-anglers rarely target trout specifically, Anyone who has ever tried to sight fish for them knows the reward to reap.



Snook tend to hide along the shorelines of inlets and estuaries. Mangroves are a favorite cover. They are an ambush predator that fight hard and fly high, every Snook caught is a real treat on a fly or conventional rod and reel. Snook truly are the things that keep anglers up at night.


Tarpon aka silver king                                

Tarpon are easily one of the best sport fish on the planet these fish reach into the upper 200 lb class and with thier bad attitudes, high flying aerobatics, and willingness to fight these fish are truly made to disappoint even the most seasoned anglers. It is a true accomplishment to land one of these prehistoric giants.  



Red drum are one of Florida’s most popular sport fish and the state’s most widespread estuarine fish. Floating a live shrimp under a popping cork is a good way to fish for redfish. They love crabs, mullet, and pinfish Casting soft-bodied jigs, spoons and even topwater flies and plugs will catch the attention of these powerful drum. Redfish make great table fare.


The elusive Permit has been called ”the grey ghost of the flats”, and has frustrated more anglers than possibly any other fish, anywhere in the world. Permit fishing is the most difficult type of fishing you will ever do. To top it off, they get moody, sulky, and will sometimes just flat out refuse to cooperate. Catching a Permit of any size bestows lifetime bragging rights upon the lucky angler, in any fishing circle, anywhere in the world.